Tournoi des Vendanges 2018

Tournoi des Vendanges 2018

Dear fellow Hockey Players,

We wish to cordially invite you to our “‘Grape Harvesting’ Tournament”.
This international hockey tournament is organised in Strasbourg by JSK – Strasbourg Hockey Club and will take place on the 1ST & 2nd September 2018 at our facilities of the Stade Paco Mateo, rue Colette F-67200 Strasbourg (France).

The tournament will be played in mixed teams of 11 players playing on our synthetic surface. As for the past issues, it will involve teams from France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, …

It’s the perfect chance to play hockey at the beginning of the grape-harvest season in a fun,
relaxed atmosphere at a very fair price (40€ per player !!!).

For more infos about the programm, the subscription to the Tournoi des Vendanges, you can download the information flyer on this page.

To see the photos of the previous years, click here!




JSK Strasbourg is a small team which plays a little-known sport in France. But above all, it is a team which is full of values. This is because field hockey is a dynamic team sport that requires a mix of speed, agility, dexterity, precision and self-sacrifice, all of which makes it a highly addictive sport!

But JSK Strasbourg is not simply a hockey team; it is a team based on values and indeed, in our team, the sport becomes a collective, cosmopolitan and cross-border adventure. …Read more